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Reconnect ~ Enrich
Discover the rest of your family's roots. Get started growing your family with new members past and present. Celebrate new birthdays. anniversaries, graduations and many other special milestones. Make memories.

Family Locator will help you to start sowing seeds of kinship by completing your family history and by reconnecting with estranged family members safely and with minimal stress. We also facilitate shared parenting and provide safe exchanges and monitored visitation services.

Waste no more time. Reconnect and enrich your life and the lives of your family members. Get started today.

Services That We Offer

Supervised Visitation Service

Supervised visitation and exchange services provide parents who may present a risk to their children or to another parent the opportunity to have parent-child contact monitored by an appropriate third party.

Genealogy Service

Are you curious about your family history but don’t have time to create one yourself? Do you just not know where to start? Have you run into the end of your family record and you’re unable to go any further?

Family Locator Service

Discover the rest of your family's roots. Get started growing your family with new members past and present. Celebrate new birthdays. anniversaries, graduations and many other special milestones. Make memories.

Imagine a world where being an unwed parent, a fractured family, or a separated couple does not automatically cause the real possibility of you losing contact with your child or cause either parent to lose thousands of dollars to custody battles. Regardless of the parents' relationship, maintaining safe, quality parenting time should become as easy as scheduling a well-child doctor appointment, but it isn’t. This must change.

About Us

Family Locator’s founder, Sheryl A. Theriault, holds a Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Arkansas, which has given her a deep understanding of the science of maintaining healthy food and nutrition systems. Sheryl also received training in the Masters of Community Health Education program from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. In addition, Sheryl holds a Masters of Business Administration from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During her community health practicum, she facilitated parent, foster care, and community health classes. Additionally, Sheryl completed a comprehensive marking assessment and branding plan for Northwest Arkansas wellness company for her practicum.

For six years, Sheryl worked as a data specialist with the Arkansas Department of Education, Special Education Unit, Transition Project. She organized and maintained computerized special education student transition records. She also has earned over six years of case management experience with the Office of Child Support Enforcement. In addition, Sheryl has 20 years of information technology experience and years of customer service experience. Sheryl was fortunate to serve as a Covid-19 case investigator and contact tracer during Arkansas’ public health efforts to curb Covid-19 transmission in Arkansas.

Currently, Arkansas does not provide support for supervised visitation providers; still, Sheryl hopes to work with the State of Arkansas to enforce visitation just as well as it enforces child support enforcement.

Let's Get Started!

Family Locator can accommodate family reunifications at various locations - at a local park, library, or even an indoor gymnasium. In addition, family Locator does have its very own comfortable FAMILY ROOM available at no additional charge! Planning is the key to making great memories during a visit, so contact us early and make your wishes known.

Remember. For supervised visitations, your time spent is PARENTING TIME. Clients are welcome to have the supervisor participate in a limited fashion only if the participation does not interfere with their ability to keep all parties safe. Please keep in mind that the supervisor is there to observe, not to co-parent. The supervisor may suggest a loose format for activities, but please remember that this visit is YOUR dedicated parenting time with your child(ren), and you must guide the visit as the loving parent you are.




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