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Supervised Visitation Service

What is supervised visitation?

According to marriage and family researchers, Nancy Thoennes & Jessica Pearson, “Supervised visitation and exchange services provide parents who may present a risk to their children or to another parent the opportunity to have parent-child contact monitored by an appropriate third party. Long recognized as a service crucial for families whose children have been removed from the home because of child abuse or neglect allegations, visitation centers have begun to emerge as a service for some families engaged in child custody dis­putes, and for families with histories of domestic violence and other allegations of parental misconduct.

Nancy Thoennes & Jessica Pearson, Supervised Visitation: A Profile of Providers, 37 FAM. & CONCIL. CTS. REV. 460 (1999).

Remember. A supervisor’s responsibility is to observe and to provide a safe opportunity for clients to co-parent. Clients are welcome to have the supervisor to participate in a very limited fashion during parenting time, but please remember that this visit is dedicated parenting time that is meant to be spent with the child.

We are able to accommodate visits at the Family Locator family room or at various outside locations as the court order allows - a local park or library or even an indoor gymnasium. The key to making *great memories* during a visit is planning, so contact us early and make your wishes known. The supervisor may suggest a loose format for activities according to court orders.


Genealogy Service

We understand how working on your family tree can be a frustrating and challenging process. Family Locator is here to help you get past any roadblocks by utilizing numerous genealogical resources at our disposal. Not only can we help you to uncover more information, but we can also confirm when the records search has been exhausted. Contact us today for assistance. We would be delighted to be a part of your journey to find your roots because family is precious and should be remembered.

Let them live again in your memories.


Family Locator Service

“Family Locator Consulting caters to families searching for long lost or estranged family members. We can help you to strengthen your family, secure family support and to protect against victimization. Reconnect ~ Enrich“

Discover the rest of your family's roots. Get started growing your family with new members past and present. Celebrate new birthdays. anniversaries, graduations and many other special milestones. Make memories.

Family Locator will help you to start sowing seeds of kinship by completing your family history and by reconnecting with estranged family members safely and with minimal stress. We also facilitate shared parenting and provide safe exchanges and monitored visitation services. Waste no more time. Reconnect and enrich your life and the lives of your family members. Get started today.



For supervised visitation and safe child exchange services, fees are $35.00 per hour, with a two-hour minimum visit required.  Fees are payable by the parent requesting service.  All reports will be sent to the party responsible for payment.  Family locator and genealogy services cost $50 per hour.

Fees must be paid by Cash, Money Order, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Western Union, Walmart Money Transfer, or Cashier’s Check no later than 24 hours before scheduled services.

INTAKE FORM: Before Family Locator can provide supervised visitation, locator or genealogy services, each client or party must complete an intake process in person, via video conferencing, or telephone.  Supervised visitation clients may complete the Initial Supervised Parenting Intake Checklist form found here on this website: Download Here

Please download and complete the checklist before sending any court order, private documents, or payment.

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